Cameron Highlands is situated in the state of Pahang. It is approximately 85 kilometers from Ipoh, and is accessible using the Tanah Rata or Simpang Pulai exits from the North South Highway.

The Temenggor Lake was our first stop before entering The Royal Belum for an off-road camping adventure. We stopped at an Orang Asli (Indigenous People) settlement to rest and have lunch before taking two boats to the Sungai Halong Camp Site.

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Sungai Klau is located in the Raub District about 2 ½ hours from Kuala Lumpur. This area is mainly oil palm estates with big lakes on both sides of the road. The Klau Dam is located in the area.

We headed north to a town in Perak called Tanjung Malim. Just further up is a place known as Sungai Bil. This place is not frequented by many because of the huge boulders along the trail to the river.

On this trip, we visited Kuala Sepetang, Kuala Gula and Tanjung Piandang on the north west coast of Perak.