Cameron Highlands Nature Campsite

Cameron Highlands Nature Campsite

It had been a long hot spell in Kuala Lumpur and we were looking forward to camping in a place where the weather was cool in the day and cold at night. So, we decided to head for the highlands. What better place than Cameron Highlands.

Cameron Highlands is situated in the state of Pahang. It is approximately 85 kilometers from Ipoh, and is accessible using the Tanah Rata or Simpang Pulai exits from the North South Highway.

This place is a very popular tourist spot because of its scenic views, cool atmosphere, vegetable and flower farms, as well as the famous tea plantations. And recently, it has become a favorite place for camping.

The campsite that we were headed for is a spot that not many people know about although it is easily accessible even by cars. It is large enough to accommodate about 20 vehicles with enough space for the tents as well. It suited our group well as we were part of a convoy of seven 4WD vehicles. The site was just next to a road used by the indigenous people from two settlements in the area. Next to the open area was a spot that was hidden away from view. We decided to set our tents in that grassy area for a bit of privacy. This campsite was just next to a river, so it was convenient for us to have baths and to do some washing up.

As we were setting up the tents, our team leader felt a sharp pain and found out that a scorpion had stung him. Fortunately, our first aid kit had the right medications for such an incident. After a while, the pain subsided and it was business as usual. Soon, our sleeping arrangements were settled and the next item in the plans was to get ready for dinner.

Dinner would be prepared and had at the open ground. We had prepared for a bbq dinner so we started a fire to light the coals. At the same time, some of the other members of our group collected firewood for the campfire. The atmosphere was nice with a big campfire and dinner being prepared over a bbq grill as well as other dishes being cooked on stoves. One of the guys brought a foldable canopy just it case it rained.

There’s nothing better than sitting around a campfire and enjoying a good meal. Everyone was joking and laughing and having a great time. It’s times like this that make you forget the stress and other problems that life usually sets on us. There is no reception for mobile phones so there is nothing to distract us from being with nature.

One of the enjoyments of camping is the time we get to dip ourselves in the cool river and let all the stress in our bodies just disappear. The thing about the rivers in the highlands is that they can be very cold, especially in the day. At night, it is the opposite. The first time you enter the water, you feel the water as being freezing, but after a few minutes, it feels comfortably warm. The trick is to stay in the water. The moment we lifted our bodies from the water, we could actually see steam being release from our skin.

After a good dip, it was time for some hot coffee and more jokes. This campsite was so peaceful. When you looked up, you could see stars filling up the night sky. Makes you wish you could spend your life here. But everyone had to get back to work on Monday, so this was a just one night stay this time.

We all had a very good night’s sleep. The tents did a good job of keeping the occupants cozy and warm. Some of our guys slept in the open on reclinable chairs, covered with sleeping bags. There were also some of us who slept in the flatbed of their trucks and some were in hammocks. Alicia and I preferred to sleep on camp-beds inside a mosquito tent. This way we could enjoy the clean, cool air as well as keep an eye on the campsite every now and then while the others slept. All that we needed to keep comfortable was a thin blanket when it got too cold.

At 6 o’clock in the morning, our nature guy went into the jungle to see what living creatures he could find. He is well trained in handling snakes and other jungle creatures and loved taking pics of them in their natural habitat. You will find some of his pics below.

After breakfast and another swim in the river, it was time to break camp pack up. We planned to buy some vegetables on our way down as well as do some sight-seeing of the area.

Although there were hardly any off-road tracks to the campsite, this was one of the most enjoyable camping trips because of the cold air and even colder but refreshing river. Before leaving, we were already making plans to come back for a longer stay.

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