Camping at Ruby’s Resort, Cherating

Camping at Ruby’s Resort, Cherating

Ruby’s Resort is located at Kampung Chendor, Cherating on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is about a 3-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. The resort is located next to Club Med. This is a pet friendly resort facing the beach, with rooms, a cafe and a big land for camping enthusiasts.

On this trip, we opted to camp at Ruby’s. On arrival, we were greeted by Ruby with her usual smiling face and cheerful character. The dogs and cats were also happy to see our large group. After having a drink with Ruby, we left our equipment and two trucks on the campground and headed to town in the other two rigs to get some food supplies for our two-night trip.

The first stop was for breakfast, the famous noodles with steamed kembong (mackerel) fish. After that we headed for the market. We were planning a big seafood BBQ dinner that night and Ruby told us where we could get fresh seafood at very reasonable prices. Some of the guys decided to do some shopping for souvenir items at the many stalls around the market. We got some fruits as they looked good and were cheap too.

We headed back to Ruby’s Resort to set up the campsite, cook some lunch and relax. Later, a few of the guys went fishing at a nearby river-mouth while the rest of us set up the target boards that we brought for some archery. The great part about staying at a resort facing the sea is the cooling breeze that makes lazing about in the open, under a shade, so relaxing.

At about 6pm, it was time to prepare dinner. Ruby was kind enough to offer us the use of her kitchen for the preparation work. With so many hands helping with the preparations, we were ready for the BBQ in no time. After dinner, it was time to relax and have some fun around the campfire.

The next morning, Ruby took us to one of the seafood suppliers. She had enjoyed one of the dishes we had cooked the night before, fish cooked with a spicy turmeric paste with coconut milk, and wanted us to cook the same dish that night. She even sponsored the fish for the meal. After that, Ruby headed back to the resort while we went to town for lunch and sight-seeing. In the afternoon, we walked to the beach at the Turtle Sanctuary and watched people releasing baby turtles into the sea.

After a while, it was time to cook dinner. We decided to have an early night as we were heading back to KL the next morning.

Camping at Ruby’s Resort was fun and relaxing. There were trees we could camp under for the shade, cool breeze blowing in from the sea, great sunrises in the early morning, there were toilet and bath facilities, and we were treated very well by Ruby and her staff. If you are looking for a pet-friendly resort or a big campsite, do drop by Ruby’s Resort. You can make reservations at

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