Off Road Camping With Nature

Off Road Camping With Nature

If you have never been camping in a remote area away from civilization, you do not know what you are missing. True, being in the outdoors without the conveniences of home is not for everyone. But, many who thought so before their first real nature adventure have changed their opinion.

There’s so much to see and learn about our environment. Nature provides clean, fresh air that’s free from the pollutants of the city. You get to enjoy the cool refreshing clean waters of the mountain streams. The sounds of the birds, insects and flowing water makes you forget the stress of everyday life.

Nature is a great creator of beauty. You can see this in the streams, waterfalls, birds, plants, animals and landscapes in areas not touched by man.

The best part of going on an off road camping adventure is that the places you camp at are not easily accessible to most people, giving you the privacy to relax in an environment that is littered with trash as we usually see in many of the developed nature spots that everyone can access. With a 4 wheel drive vehicle, you can get to spots that others can’t. You get to observe the flora and fauna as how nature intended.

When I am in a remote part of nature, I get a chance to really relax and forget the stress of the concrete jungle. The air is so fresh that you actually get better from some medical problems involving your lungs. I remember having a bad cough that lasted me two months. None of the meds I took did anything to help cure the problem. Then it was time to go for an off road adventure into a part of the jungle that only a handful have been due to the extreme challenges you had to face on the trail. On the second day of being at the campsite, my cough was gone. I’m not saying that this result will be the same for everyone, but it actually worked for me.

When we bring people into the jungles, they are a bit worried about what to expect. But after being at the campsite for a while, their worries turn to amazement of how wonderful things are being with nature. The challenge faced on their 4×4 ride also adds to the excitement. A few also asked about owning their own off road vehicle so that they too can enjoy the excitement of driving a 4×4 vehicle.

Camping in the jungles can be enjoyed by people of all ages and walks of life. You may be into photography, sketching, hiking, and bird-watching or just want to get away from the stress of the rat-race, there’s something in an off road nature adventure for everyone.

We’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

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