Essential Camping Gear – Bluetti AC50S Power Station

Essential Camping Gear - Bluetti AC50S Power Station

So, which Solar Power Station would be best for the average camper?

We have found that the Bluetti AC50S 500Wh/33W Power Station is the best in its class. It features 45Ah, with very stable pure sine wave AC 120V outlets, even when using higher powered devices.

The unit has 2 x 120V AC outlets, 2 x 12V DC outlets, 1 x DC12V – 9A, 1 x PD 45W Type-C USB, and 4 x USB-A, and a 12V cigarette lighter outlet. At the top of the unit is a wireless charging dock. At the back of the unit is the input charging port and a LED light with 3 modes. There are cooling vents on both the sides. At the top are located two foldable handles for carrying the 13.6 lbs. power station.

The Bluetti AC50S comes with a 2-year warranty. It has a built-in MPPT controller that maximizes the charging efficiency of solar panels by up to 40% faster charging times. This means that you can charge the Lithium-Ion battery with a 120W solar panel in about 4 hours. Charging via an AC wall plug takes about 5-6 hours, while charging by the car’s alternator takes about 12 hours.

Bluetti’s Battery Management System protects the unit from overcharging, over current and short circuiting. The intelligent Cooling System keeps the unit cool and protected from over-heating.

Why do we like the Bluetti AC50S over other similar Power Stations?

This unit is far more superior in handling higher power consuming appliances.
The compact design allows for easy handling and storage.
It has more power outlets that other similar capacity models.
The wireless charging station is very convenient.

What don’t we like about the Bluetti AC50S?

The display could include more information.

What are the advantages of having the Bluetti AC50S on our outdoor camping trips?

It’s great to be able to power our 12V fans and lights while charging our phones and camera batteries at the same time. Using fans on hot days and lights at night make camping enjoyable especially to the children. And for those of us who hate having to watch over the rice while it is cooking over the fire, having an electric rice cooker to ensure the rice does not burn, is really great. And keeping the freezer cold using solar to charge the power station, saves on the vehicle’s battery when we are not driving for long camping trips.

When we are not on our camping trips, the AC50S is great when being used at home too.

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