About Us

About Us

Hi, we are Albert and Alicia of My Nature Adventures. Albert has been having trips into the jungles since 1968. Alicia joined in the trips in 2006. As with most off road camping enthusiasts, we started as guests in the vehicles of friends. The more trips we made, the more we got the urge to own our own 4WD vehicle. But before we had it, work commitments force a temporary stop to our jungle expeditions. We were running a restaurant and did food caterings too, and that took up all our weekends.

Then in 2013, we decided that we missed our jungle camping and decided to venture in another business that gave us flexible time.

We finally got our own 4WD vehicle, a Toyota Hilux, which we tested on a few trips before getting down to modifying it for what we intended.

After upgrading the vehicle, we managed to get other like-minded off road enthusiasts to join us. Many were new to the off road hobby, but they were excited and learnt fast how to drive the jungle trails well and how to get out of any situations that may arise safely. Even the ladies in the group are very good off road drivers.

We had many people ask us to take them of some of our adventures. Most of them who did join us on our trips, ended up being regulars. Other than the ride, they also enjoyed the food. We do not prepare the simple camping food that most campers do. Being restaurant cooks, we make sure that we enjoy food away from the comforts of the home. We believe that there is nothing better than a great adventure with great food and even greater company.

MyNatureAdventures will showcase trips into the jungles as well as trips to areas of interest accessible by road. For our tougher trips, please check out our other site, 4WD Adventure Malaysia