Self-Cleaning Water Bottle and Water Purification System Review

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle and Water Purification System Review

It’s great to be able to spend a few days in the wild hiking and camping. You can take your time to enjoy all the wonders and beauty of nature. To survive, you will need to bring enough food and water. Water is especially important in cases of emergencies that we cannot predict. But carrying a lot of water not only takes up space, but is also heavy as well, especially if you are hiking.

Drinking out of streams and lakes carries risks of infection by bacteria or harmful chemicals. Bacteria like E. coli, salmonella, cholera, shigella, and coliform. There are also the more advanced single-cell organisms such as giardia, cryptosporidium, and Cyclospora. Not to mention the harmful algae blooms that grow in still water.

Boiling takes care of the bacteria and organisms, but does not get rid of the harmful chemicals such as acid rain, lead and mercury, as well as sediments in the water. Also, you need equipment, fuel and time. But if you do not have any other method of making the water safer, boiling is the only other option after you have filtered out the larger sediments using a fine mesh or cloth.


Noticed how difficult it is to clean reusable bottles for your drinking water? The shapes of these bottles make it difficult to clean with a sponge. You usually need a narrow brush with a long handle to clean the inside.

A better way to keep your water safe is to use a self-cleaning water bottle that comes with a UV sterilization light. UV technology kills viruses and bacteria in your water to keep you safe.

The TidoHome’s Self-Cleaning Water Bottle and Water Purification System is great for when you go camping, backpacking or hiking. Made of durable double-walled stainless steel with vacuum, it keeps your hot water hot for 12 hours, and your cold water, cold for 24 hours. A high-tech UV light is built into the cap with an easy-touch switch at the top.

Press and hold the switch for two seconds to start purification. Click twice to activate the automatic purification that activates every six hours to keep your water clean, safe, mold-free and odorless. Tap the top twice for a quick, 60-second cleansing or 5 times for a 2-minute purification.

The unit has a large capacity rechargeable lithium battery for a longer life. It can last through sterilizing 60 pots of water continuously.

Now, although it kills bacteria and germs, it does not get rid of sediments and pathogens in the water. But you can rest assured that your water is safe to drink.

So, how does the Self-Cleaning and Water Purification System work in this bottle?

Hi-Tech Ultraviolet light rays kill all germs and bacteria in the water. This UV light is of the same wavelength as that used to sterilize operating rooms and water treatment plants. The light destroys the DNA of the bacteria, germs, viruses, protozoa and other micro-organisms that are present in the water.

In addition to sterilizing the water, it also sterilizes the interior of the bottle. No additional chemicals or detergents are required.

Why we like the TidoHome Self-Cleaning Water Bottle and Water Purification System.

The unit is made of double layered stainless steel in an easy to carry design. The vacuum feature keeps cold water cold, and hot water hot. Not only can I have clean water from streams and other sources, but I can also keep my hot coffee hot for when I need it, or have an ice-cold drink handy when I travel.

The UV light kills almost every type of bacteria and germ found in water sources. Also, it keeps the inside of the bottle free from mold. We particularly liked that it had an auto-sterilization function that activates every six hours when set.

The water tastes good and there is no smell coming from it.

As far as the battery goes, it can last a really long time before the next charge. Charging is via a Micro USB cable, which means that I can charge it from the home, in the car, via a power-bank, or portable power station.

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