Sungai Bil Camping Trip

Sungai Bil Camping Trip

We headed north to a town in Perak called Tanjung Malim. Just further up is a place known as Sungai Bil. This place is not frequented by many because of the huge boulders along the trail to the river. If your vehicle is not lifted, or you are not confident, this track can cause some serious damage to your vehicle. Once you get past these obstacles, the river makes everything all worthwhile.

If you intend to come here, make sure that it is not in the rainy season. If it rains uphill, flash floods can happen within a few minutes. If you are not prepared for it, everything can be washed downstream before you realize what hit you. There have been a few drowning incidents reported here due to flash floods.

As usual, we set up camp on a part of the river bank which is much higher. There is a level piece of ground next to a slope that can accommodate about 20 campers. Because it is next to a hill slope, we dug a trench around the campsite to divert any rain water away from the camp. Thankfully, the weather was good and we didn’t have to worry about the rain.

There were a number of ladies and children with us and they enjoyed themselves swimming in the cool river and just listening to the sounds of nature. There were a lot of big boulders in the rivers and a few cascades that made the place look really peaceful.

After a refreshing swim, we always feel hungry. The hot meal waiting for us was especially satisfying. Then it was time to relax and get to chat and joke with everyone. And of course, that meant getting the cool beers out of the coolers.

And while there was still some light left, it was time to head back to the river to have a bath. Then dinner needed to be cooked.

We had set up some logs to start a fire and as soon as it got a bit dark, we lit the logs. The great thing about this area is that we were not bothered by any mosquitoes or sandflies.

Everyone had their dinner around the campfire and stayed there chatting until about 2 am. Then it was time to get some sleep and rest for the trip back the next day.

After breakfast and another swim in the river, it was time to break camp and make our way back home. We made sure any fires were properly put out and there were no rubbish left at the campsite.

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