Solar Equipment

Unlike the old days when we depended on campfires for our lights and cooking, technology has equipped us with more gadgets that make our outdoor and camping experience more enjoyable. With these electronic gadgets, comes the need for renewable energy. We need a way to keep our phones, cameras, lights and other gadgets charged and ready for use.

Fuel generators were the first choice, but due to their noise and smell, have given way to solar technology.

Initially, solar systems consisted of a solar panel and charge controller. And if you needed to charge AC devices, you had to add on an inverter. These days a solar generator allows you to charge the unit at home, using the car’s alternator or by solar panels. The unit comes complete with USB ports and AC plug points. The best part is the various capacities of charge it can hold to suit the time you need to have off grid power. It also comes in one complete unit that’s very portable.

Jackery Portable Power Station

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