Telemong Campsite

Telemong Campsite

The Telemong campsite is a beautiful place to be. If you want to get a good spot, it’s wise that you come early as there are many campers who frequent the place.

This trip was a 3 day camping adventure, starting on Good Friday and ending on Easter Sunday. The first batch comprising three rigs, would go in early to book the campsite while the other three cars would come in on Saturday.

About 15 minutes into the trail, we came across our first obstacle. Part of the road had caved-in. Then, a little further up the trail, another part of the road had collapsed at both ends of a log bridge. This was no problem for our guys and gals. With someone to guide them, they made it across without any problems.

Five minutes later, we had to stop and clear some trees that had fallen across the trail due to a small landslide. Out came the parangs and together with some elbow grease, the path was cleared and we were on our way once again.

Our final obstacle was the river which had swelled up due to the daily rains. The mining of gold up river did not help as mud and sand were washed into the river. What was an easy river crossing a month ago, was now one that was impossible due to the soft sand build up.

The best spot is the campsite across the river as it is big enough for 20 pax and is shaded from the hot sun.

After a few attempts at crossing the river, we decided to camp at the second campsite on this side of the river. It is smaller but has a nice access to the river above the falls. It was also sufficient to accommodate the 17 pax that made up our group.

Some preferred to sleep in tents. Some preferred to sleep in the open to enjoy the cool fresh air, while some preferred to sleep in the flatbed of their trucks.

As usual, our cooks made sure that there was plenty to eat and drink.

If you are not camping under the trees, it can be quite hot in the open. Fortunately it did not rain while we were there and the water level dropped. The current was not too strong and allowed everyone to enjoy playing in the water.

Even the first-timers at our trip had a great time.

This place keeps changing according to the weather, A portion of the river that was covered with sand before, is now part of the river due to the recent rains.

Hopefully this place will not deteriorate more and campers will be able to keep coming back over and over again.

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