Vanpa 300W Portable Power Station

Vanpa 300W Portable Power Station - Best Budget Solar Power Station

The Vanpa 300W Portable Solar Power Station is probably the best budget power station in it’s class. With 300W of power, this compact power station costs a fraction of its nearest competitor. It’s also lightweight and fits almost anywhere. Suitable for camping, hiking and other off grid activities.


The unit comes in 300W, 600W and 1,000W of rated power. In this review, we are going to take a look at the Vanpa 300W Power Station.

Vanpa is made of a strong plastic material with a sturdy handle at the top for easy handling. There are 2 x 220V AC power sockets, 2 x USB 5V 2.4A sockets and a car outlet port (12V, 10A max). There are 2 x built-in emergency lights at the front top, left and right of the unit. 3 switches control the display, AC sockets and the emergency lights. On one side is a cooling fan with a vent at the opposite side for cooling the unit. At the top right is a charging port.

The unit has over-protection as well as drop protection. 

A wall charging unit (Input AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, Output 12.6V, 5A) is provided with the Vanpa power station. Unfortunately, the solar charging and car charging cables are not provided. But, these are easily available online.

The dimensions are 280x65x20mm with a weight of about 4 kg.

Why is the Vanpa 300W Power Station such a great buy?

The Vanpa 300W is the cheapest in its class. There are many 300W power stations being offered online. Unfortunately, they have lower Wh ratings and higher prices. If you have many devices you want to power, or need to be off grid for long periods, you need the Vanpa Power Station.

Another reason for choosing Vanpa over the other brands is that Vanpa is compact and is easy to store in tight spaces. When going on long off grid trips, space is important as you need to carry more gear.

The Vanpa Power Station can be charged by an AC charger, car charger or solar charger. It’s always great to have more charging options.

Vanpa is not only important outdoors, but great to have when there is a power outage at home. You can keep your baby and children cool by plugging a fan to the unit. Important medical equipment can also be kept running until the power resumes. It will also power any of your electrical appliances up to 300W.

Vanpa has not one, but two built-in lights right in the unit. The lights are big and can luminate a larger area than most units that provide a light. That’s great for camping, fishing or working in the dark where there is no power source.

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